Free Instagram Filters for Photoshop

by daan on August 6, 2012

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Free Instagram Filters for Photoshop

filters mini Free Instagram Filters for Photoshop

Want to add popular Instagram filters to your photos using Photoshop? We’re happy to announce that we have a set of Photoshop files that allow you to do just that.

Designed exclusively for PetaPixel by Eric Öhman of Skellefteå, Sweden, the pack comes with 8 popular filters: 1977, Brannan, Gotham, Hefe, Inkwell, Lord Kelvin, Nashville, and X-PRO II.

Let’s get started!

Download the Files

Click here to download the 16MB zip file. Open it up, and you’ll find 8 .psd files, along with a folder of curves for some of the filters:

screenshot1 mini Free Instagram Filters for Photoshop

Using the Curve Presets

Some of the Instagram filters can be applied as simple curve presets (others require some additional layers). To use a curve preset, open up your image, open the curves adjustment panel, click the button next to the preset dropdown menu, select “Load Preset…”, and find the desired preset in the pack you downloaded.

loadpreset mini Free Instagram Filters for Photoshop

Using the .psd Files

The more complicated filters are recreated using .psd files. Open up one of these files, and you’ll see a number of adjustment layers and a base layer named “REPLACE_THIS_PHOTO”.

psdinstagram mini Free Instagram Filters for Photoshop

The adjustment layers are the ones that do the magic. To apply the filter to any photo, simply resize that photo to 612x612px, and then paste it over the “REPLACE_THIS_PHOTO” sample image.

We might add additional filters in the future, and if we do we’ll simply update the download file in this post to include them.

Have fun playing around with these free filters!

Download the Instagram Filters for Photoshop [MediaFire]

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