5 Infographics Tutorials: Make a Great Visual Information Presentation

by daan on August 21, 2012

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Infographics , also called information graphics, are visual representations of information, data or knowledge.  These graphics give visitors a lot of complex information quickly and beautifully in a clear way. Nowadays, the internet is dominated by picky visitors who are likely to read information in a short article, which makes inforgraphic a hot trend and powerful tool for communications.  In this way, readers are easy to navigate and read the content and will understand a particular subject in a very short time. Thus, many websites try to use this art form to present statistics and attract readers.

When it comes to infographics design, you need to make a good preparation about the information search and data processing in the first place. Try to strip away the unnecessary data, and highlight what people actually care about. Also, the style of infographics should be considered thoroughly. The point is to figure out the best way to tie things together into a coherent and attractive theme.

Today, I am going to showcase some great infographics tutorials with Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop to help you with the inforgraphics design. Hope you find these tutorials useful.

1.    How to Create Infographics in Adobe Illustrator

This tutorial will give you instruction on infographics creation using the standard tools of Adobe Illustrator in 18 steps with details. You may see the circles, the bars and the world map, which show the statistics in a clear and beautiful visual graphic. You will also learn how to change graph appearance while maintain its dynamic functions. For example, you can edit the data graphs after all transformations.


2.   How To Create Outstanding Modern Infographics

At the first glance, I was attracted by the color, nice circles, modern style and the typography of this inforgraphic. Here, this tutorial will show you how to create it in a simple but detailed way. It is a good example for you to learn how to use various graph tools and illustration techniques to make an accurate and inspiring infographic.


3.    How to Create a Promotional Website Infographic in Adobe Illustrator

In this tutorial, you will learn to collect and process statistical data, and then visualize it with an inforgraphic. It gives you details about creating website promotional infographic in Adobe Illustrator. Take a look at the final result as follows, the infographic provides exact numbers to show the dynamics of the development of a website, demographic composition of visitors in a creative way.


4. How to Design a magazine Infographic

This tutorial will help you create a circular-style bar graphic with Illustrator techniques. The designer made this infographic express the TV show’s most feared enemy – the Daleks. After you finish it, you will get some tips and techniques on how to produce stylish and intelligible infographics, and you are able to find a few shortcuts to streamline the procedures.


5.    Tutorial: How to Create a Killer Infographic

Except for showing the process of creating inforgraphics in Photoshop, this tutorial also illustrates the importance of inforgraphic for some sort of growth or drop, scale, percentages, work flows and listings. You will also learn how to make a good preparation before creating a valuable inforgraphic.


Can You Suggest the 6th One?

Infographics are getting more popular these days. To design a good infographic is not only that professional can do?  Everyone with a basic knowledge of graphic design can follow those tutorials to create his or her wonderful works.  If you have any other good tutorials, please drop us a line in the comment part and share with us.

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